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Bespoke Colouring Boards

For orders of 25 boards or more we can produce bespoke colouring boards to match your interiors, incorporate your company colours and branding! We have a range of stock colours to choose from or alternatively you can have the board fully printed to a particular pantone colour. If a bespoke board isn’t required, our generic plastic boards can be personalised with the addition of a vinyl sticker.

Pictured are some bespoke examples created for McDonald's UK and ASDA. ASDA invested in new tooling to have a completely bespoke form created specific to their needs. We work with all our clients very closely to develop their designs and make sure they end up with a bright exciting product that integrates perfectly into their venue!

If you're looking for a more organic/rustic design. Our wooden colouring board is the perfect alternative! Hand made in the UK it can include bespoke carvings to the crayon tray for orders of 15 boards or more. We can also apply different finishes to the wood depending on what look you require, our standard finishes are walnut and natural.

Bespoke colouring boards are the perfect option for customers who want something that ties in with there interiors and a product children will associate with their brand! Get in touch today to see what we can do for you!

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macdonalds and asda colouring boards

Bespoke Colouring Pads

All our colouring pads have the option to be branded and personalised! You can supply your own designs or alternatively our in-house design team can create something for you! Simply send over your brief and we will work with you to create something children will love to colour-in, take away and display proudly in their home!

Colouring pads can be updated easily and regularly if required to tie in with your latest promotions or seasonal themes such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Some customers take advantage of this option and often incorporate colouring competitions into their designs. This is a great way of using our colouring pads to market your brand and is an effective way of collecting customer details. You can also display the colouring competition winners on your social media pages which is an effective way to link the designs to your social media.

If you're looking for an alternative to our Keeko colouring pads we can also create bespoke puzzles packs, colouring booklets and lunch bags. So if you're looking for a bespoke colouring offering for children please don't hesitate to get in touch!

There is an additional charge of £50 for all bespoke pads.

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Bespoke Crayons

As all our wax crayons are made in the UK they can be branded with bespoke paper wrappers and printed packets! (Minimum order quantities and printing charges apply). Being UK made also means much shorter lead times and smaller print runs than China. You can supply your own designs or alternatively our in-house design team can mock something up for you!

Being a UK manufacturer also allows us to offer a tailor made approach to our products and gives you full control over the final result! If you can't see the pack size you would like online, we can have bespoke cutters produced (charges apply) so you don't have to compromise on your end product. We can also produce a wide range of colours and create special mixes to match your colours (minimum order quantities apply).

Our personalised crayon packs are the perfect way to promote your brand and have been used in children's magazines, colouring packs, lunch bags, retail stores and restaurant chains! Get in touch for a bespoke quotation or for further information.

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