McDonald’s Europe Colouring Boards!

Keeko are delighted to announce that we now supply the full Keeko colouring concept to McDonald’s Europe! This exciting development has followed on from supplying McDonald’s Europe with colouring crayons since 2013 but we now also supply our unique colouring boards & colouring pads.

This exciting project started in 2012 and since then we have been working with McDonald’s Europe to produce a new colouring board design. Through the design process the silhouette of the board has been simplified and various tweaks have been made to ensure the quality of the end product. The colouring board has also been produced in two different sizes, housing both our larger A3/A4 pads and the newly developed A4 portrait pads. Like the McDonald’s UK design the new board is fun, bright and engaging for children. Both the colouring board and colouring pads incorporate the ‘Happy’ character who is appearing increasingly in McDonald’s branding.

The Keeko concept is now available across Europe. The Netherlands, Morocco, Portugal and Spain have been most keen to establish the product but as this continues to grow we look forward to entertaining children in McDonald’s around the world!

So if you’re travelling around Europe this Summer pop into a McDonald’s to see the new design, grab a colouring sheet and get colouring!

Mcdonalds Europe colouring boards