Paraffin Wax (Kerawax 485)

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Paraffin Wax has the ability to blend with a variety of wax based products and forms an essential ingredient in polish, cosmetic, candle and crayon manufacturing.

  • Supplied in the form of high quality wax pellets making them easy to melt.
  • This wax is from Kerax a UK based company that is major supplier to the food, candle and cosmetic industry.
  • Perfect for easy mixing with other ingredients such as dyes and fragrances.
  • In candle making, stearic acid or stearin can be added to help the candle burn and provide added strength.
  • Perfect for melting with other ingredients to make your own wax colouring crayons. Use with moulds to make your own fun crayon shapes!
  • Click to view product material safety data sheet (MSDS).
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