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If you need a box of bulk wax crayons in just one colour, or a range of colours for a particular craft project, then we can help! All our crayons are manufactured in our factory in the UK, so we can produce a range of beautiful and vibrant colours. This makes our crayons perfect for arts and crafts projects! They are available with our individual ‘Keeko’ wrappers around each crayon, to minimise breakages. Or alternatively we also produce unwrapped crayons that are perfect for melting down into different crayon shapes. Choose between a bulk box of 300 or 1000 crayons, then select up to 6 bright crayon colours. If you require just one crayon colour for your project, please select the same colour for each option. Alternatively, if you are looking for a bespoke colour (minimum order quantities apply) please get in touch via our contact form below.

  • Wrapped crayons 75mm length, 8mm diameter crayons.
  • Unwrapped crayons 75mm length, 8mm diameter crayons.
  • Jumbo crayons 80mm length, 13mm diameter crayons.
  • All our crayons are fully washable, allowing scribbles to be easily removed from surfaces.
  • Made in the UK!
  • Keeko crayons have been tested by Intertek to the European toy safety standard EN71 parts 1, 2, 3 and 9.
  • NON-TOXIC and Vegan!
  • Please note that crayons may look a slight different shade from pictured. As crayon colours can vary slightly from batch to batch.
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