See our UK Crayon Factory on ‘Inside the Factory, Series 4, Episode 9, Pencils’

Last week we were excited to see our sister company Stadium Crayons feature on the BBC2 series ‘Inside the Factory’. This well known TV series follows presenters Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey as they explore the secrets behind production in some of the largest factories in Britain.
This latest episode of Series 4 explored the wonderful world of pencils, the materials used to make them, the science behind graphology and (the most exciting part for us) how to make wax crayons!

Our factory manager Dave Ayling showed Cherry Healey around the factory and she got stuck-into making some of our wax crayons. The episode shows the different steps that are involved in the manufacturing process of crayons. How we mix the raw ingredients such as paraffin wax, stearic acid and PEG. Then how coloured pigments are added to the mix to create the range of vibrant crayon colours you find in our Keeko crayons packs! When the wax mixture is complete we move on to our favourite bit; how the wax mixture cools and takes form using our wax crayon moulds! On just one of our crayon moulds we can produce up to 60,000 crayons per day, with our UK factory manufacturing over 25 million wax crayons last year!

And finally, our crayons wouldn’t be complete without one of our green ‘Keeko Kids’ crayon wrappers. Ready to keep children entertained for hours of colouring and fun!

Click to watch the episode now on BBC iplayer.

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