Made in the UK!

made in the UK

All our wax crayons, colouring boards and colouring pads are made in the UK!

All our wax crayons are manufactured in our UK factory and we are the only crayon and chalk manufacturer in the UK! We believe it’s important to support British manufacturers so we always try to source our raw materials and products from local businesses. Below are some of the many benefits to buying UK made products:

  • Support your local economy, generate growth in employment and safeguard jobs!
  • Huge amounts of CO2 are prouduced when transporting goods from overseas. By buying locally you can reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment.
  • When products are manufactured in the UK the supply chain is often much smaller and transparent. Allowing the customer to get more detailed/accurate product information direct from the manufacturers.
  • The leadtime for ordering overseas can be lengthy. Ordering British manufactured products allows for a much faster turn around. It also allows flexibility in orders, with smaller part orders available and stock is much easier to replenish.
  • Since Brexit the value of the pound has slumped to its lowest level since 1985. By buying British the price agreed will be the price paid without any fluctuations.

So order our UK made products today and support British manufacturers!