Gift Bag Ideas For Three-Year-Olds

Planning a party requires a lot of effort, there’s a theme to consider, decorations, party games and more, and then, of course, a gift bag so every child walks away remembering what a fun time they’ve had.

Gift bags needn’t be packed with goodies for the children, but just a few small gifts can definitely elevate your party from a good one to a great one.

If you’ve got a party coming up, and are struggling for ideas of what to pack in a party bag for a three-year-old, these ideas can certainly help. We’re not suggesting you include them all, but they’ll definitely provide some ideas and might spark a suggestion of your own.

Something Sweet

You can’t really go wrong with padding out the bag with a couple of sweet treats, a pack of jellies and some chocolate buttons certainly wouldn’t go amiss. You won’t want to give out loads, especially if they’ve had plenty on offer whilst at the party too.

Colouring or Activity Books

Kids colouring sheets and activity books are a great option, as they’ll keep the kids occupied once they’ve left the party too.


If you’re providing colouring or activity books, you could always include a small pack of crayons in each bag too, so they’ve got something to use on their new books. Or if you’re on a budget, buy a bulk box of crayons, to put out on the table or supplied loose in the activity bags.


Bubbles are a great option for three-year-olds because they’ll provide at least an hour of fun, plus they’re really cheap when you buy a multi-pack of them.


Balloons are great because they can be bought in packs and distributed out. If you’ve got an animal-themed party, choose animal-shaped or printed balloons, for a fairy party, you could look for fairy balloons.

Photo Frames

Small little photo frames, such as wooden designs, in a similar size to what you get in a Christmas cracker, are another inventive idea to include in a kid’s party bag. Plus, they make a great gift that they’re likely to keep and make use of.


There are plenty of small books you could choose from, that make an entertaining and thoughtful party pack gift. You can buy packs of books relatively cheap and distribute them between the gift bags. Mr Men and Little Miss books are a great size, or you could even just wrap the books individually and hand them out as their own gift.


Small tubs of Playdough can certainly be a big hit with three-year-old children and provide them with hours of fun.

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters could go great alongside the above mentioned Playdough or could be included on their own to be used for cutting out sandwiches or making cookies at home.

Plant Pots and Seeds

This is a great gift bag idea that could be incorporated into the party too, you could spend some time decorating plant pots whilst in the party, providing paint, glitter and other stick-on items for the children to design their own, then let them take home the pots and provide some seeds for them to plant once they’re home.

Gift Bag Ideas For Children's Parties


Stickers are another great option for children’s party bags and go well if you’ve provided an activity book because they’ll have somewhere safe to stick them. Or another idea would be to use a brown paper bag as the gift bag because they can decorate it themselves.


Whistles can be a great idea for the kids, but the parents of the children might think otherwise about this gift.


This is another idea that could be incorporated into the party, with you providing pieces of card that they could decorate themselves for their bedtime storybook.

Temporary Tattoos

Always a big favourite of children is temporary tattoos, these are great for fitting into the theme of the party too.

Slice Of Birthday Cake

You can’t miss out a slice of birthday cake in the party bag too, it’s always welcomed. And if the cake is big enough, you could include an extra slice for the parent who brought or picked up the child.

Party Bag Ideas