How To Keep Children Entertained During Your Wedding


Planning a wedding can be a stressful endeavour. You need to decide on colour schemes, your bridesmaids/grooms, find a venue and order a cake. And that’s not all, you also need to organise some entertainment for your guests, book your caterer and so much more.

One of the biggest things that can be overlooked when planning your wedding is how to keep the kids happy. Chances are that your friends and family are bringing children to your big day, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some amazing ways to keep occupied during the day and throughout the evening. From wedding welcome bags to bouncy castles, find the perfect way to keep the kids entertained below.

Create a Lego Challenge 

One way to keep young children busy is to task them with a challenge. Why not place bowls of lego on tables with children and ask them to create their best monster/car/character? Let their creativity flow while the adults sip on champers. You never know, you might find a few adults join in as well.

No Adult Allowed Kids Section 

One way to make your child feel involved in your wedding day is to give them their own area. A lot of the time, kids just want to wander off on their own and play to their heart’s content. Creating a kids-only zone with fun games and toys could be the perfect place for them to turn to when they want to get away from the day’s adult activities. One idea for this is to create a kids-only teepee (if your wedding is outdoors). Fill it with fairy lights and let the magic take its course. 

Children’s Gift Bags 

Wedding Activity Sheets

Who doesn’t love a gift bag? When it comes to making gift bags for children, you can fill them with sweet treats, kids activity packs, bubbles, games and so much more. Creating a wedding activity pack is a great idea for keeping the kids entertained throughout the day, and makes them feel included in the day’s activities. You can download your free Keeko Kids wedding activity sheets here and get started on your gift bags asap!

Outdoor Games 

Think old school ring toss, a coconut shy, giant chess and so much more. This is very much something that the adults can get stuck into as well, making it ideal for all of your guests! 

Kid-Friendly Screening 

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, why not host a kid-friendly screening with old school classic Disney films? Create a comfy seated zone and let them settle down for an hour or two of magical fun.

Children’s Dancefloor Hour 

Dancing at a wedding is one of the key ingredients to having a great time (especially after a few cocktails). For a lot of younger children, they may not know some of the songs in your playlist. One way to give them their time to shine on the dancefloor is to give them their own disco hour. Play popular songs for younger children and hire an entertainer to keep them happy.

Bouncy Castle Madness

Perfect for adults and children alike, bouncy castles can bring hours of fun. Tire out your little guests with a themed bouncy castle. If your wedding is outside, this is a great addition to the festivities! 

Disposable Camera Fun 

Children's Wedding Entertainment

Disposable cameras can cost as little as £5 and can produce some amazing images from behind the scenes of your wedding. Why not incorporate your wedding activities for children in your wedding photography? You can enlist the children at your wedding and give them a checklist of images to capture. For example, ask them to take an image of the bride walking down the aisle, an image of the wedding cake, first dance etc. You might be surprised at how great the images turn out!